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Covid restrictions nolonger apply. 4/1/23

Return to Play Plan
July 15, 2020

RV Hurricanes Youth Club (HYFC) is excited to announce that we have received the NJDOH guidelines and we will return to play this summer.  Based upon the guidelines, high-risk contact sports, i.e. football, can resume July 22, 2020.  We recognize there is still risk associated with the COVID-19 virus but we have confidence that our community will follow the guidelines as they were written and help us safely get our kids back on the field. 

Please review and familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by the NJDOH and the HYFC Return to Play Plan. All who participate in HYFC activities should respect and follow these guidelines. Parents and coaches will need to sign and acknowledge the receipt, review, and the adherence to both the NJDOH guidelines as well as the HYFC Return to Play Plan.

NJ Department of Health
Office of Communications: Judith Persichilli (609-984-7160)
PO Box 360, Trenton, NJ 08625

HYFC Return to Play Plan:

HYFC coaches, players, and spectators should follow the guidelines provided by the NJDOH. HYFC reserves the right to update the Return to Play Plan at any time to continue to provide a safe environment.  A parent/guardian of each player will need to sign an acknowledgement of receipt for the NJDOH guidelines and the HYFC Return to Play Plan.


  1. Signs will be posted at the football field, the entrance of the Lumberton Municipal Building, entrance of RVRHS football field, bathroom entrances, and snack stand, as a reminder of the social distancing, face covering, and good hygiene protocols.  

  2. Coaching staff and parents/guardians should wear cloth face coverings at any time that social distancing is not possible. Athletes are also encouraged to wear cloth or disposable face coverings when not engaging in vigorous activity, such as when sitting on the bench, when interacting with a coach or athletic trainer, etc…

  3. Each weight class division head coach will be supplied with a safety kit: including hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray to be used by the players and coaches.  Also included will be a copy of the guidelines and reference materials.

  4. Helmets and practice uniforms will be sanitized prior to distribution to each player.  This will be a one-time process  The parents will then be held responsible until that equipment is returned at the end of the season. All training and hitting bags will be sanitized daily and safely stored to be utilized by HYFC coaches only. Equipment will have to be logged out in order to maintain proper cleaning by the equipment manager prior to returning to the storage container. The storage container will be locked at all times with access only to active board members and head coaches.

  5. Footballs and equipment used for drills will be sanitized frequently during games and practices. The equipment manager will assign someone to monitor and be held accountable for any equipment that is used for each practice and game.

  6. The concession stand will also be open as soon as the game schedule is released. Social distancing will be required and HYFC will follow the same guidelines provided by the DOH and be updated when that information is available.

  7. All players/cheerleaders and coaches will be required to have a temperature check, verbal questionnaire, hand sanitizer and sign acknowledgement before each practice and game. This will take place in the parking lot before any player or coach is permitted to be on the field. ANYONE sent home due to symptoms or a failed admittance screening, must be cleared by a doctor to return to the field.  

  • All players/cheerleaders will remain in their vehicle until designated, team safety manager is ready to begin checks.

  • Coaches & players/cheerleaders from each team will see the following, designated, team safety manager

  • We suggest you arrive to practice 15-30 min early for this process, in order to begin practice on time.


  • Cheer - Christine Wortham

  • 75’s & 90’s  - Shaena Pearson

  • 105’s - Melinda Haines

  • 120’s - Nicole Gunter


  • Parents must stay at the field until the player/cheerleader has been cleared for participation


  1. Practices - No spectators, parents or unregistered children will be permitted on ANY part of the grass fields at ANYTIME. 

    1. Only official coaches and board members are permitted on the fields, in containers or concession stand during practices. 

    2. Please remain in the parking lot, practicing social distance or wearing a mask, if you are unable to do so.

    3. All players/cheerleaders must remain in assigned/designated areas and abide by coaches social distancing efforts and procedures

    4. Every player/cheerleader must have a reusable water bottle that enters and leaves the fields each practice and is marked with their names. NO disposable water bottles, cans or plastic containers.

    5. Parents/Guardian need to return for pick up a half hour before practice ends, for immediate exit at the end of practice.

    6. When practice is over there can be NO LOITERING or continued play/practice. All players/cheerleaders,coaches and parents will need to IMMEDIATELY leave the fields.

  2. Game Day – ALL protocol above will be followed for admittance to the game! Only CARDED players and coaches for that assigned game will be permitted on the field. If you are assigned to volunteer to work the DOWN MARKER chains, you must follow the above guidelines as the players and coaches, to be on the field. The following are NOT PERMITTED on the game field/sideline:

    1. NO Parents, Spectators, Siblings or Players from other Hurricane teams

    2. NO older or younger siblings

    3. Coaches can NOT bring children who are not CARDED for the game on the field. 

  3. Practice and Game Day Mandates:

    1. Any player or coach with a temp of 100.4F will be asked to leave the complex immediately.

    2. All Players/Cheerleaders will need a parent or guardian present for the check in process and to sign acknowledgment. (Please arrive 15-30 min before the start of practice and arrival times before games to allow your child time for check in. NO CHECK-IN, NO PRACTICE OR GAME

    3. ANYONE sent home due to symptoms or a failed admittance screening, must be cleared by a doctor to return to the field.  

  4. Sick coaches, players, and families are encouraged to stay home.  To safely determine when to participate and when to stay home follow the guidelines in section 1.a.vii in the above referenced NJDOH guidelines.  

o    Absolutely no one should come to the practice or game fields if they have tested positive or are showing COVID-19 symptoms.  

§  COVID-19 Symptoms  

§  What to do if you are sick?

o    Individuals, including coaches, players and families, who have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19 should also stay home and monitor their health. 

§  Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure

§  Quarantine and Isolation


Our season is scheduled to start on August 3rd.  We will be communicating the specific details around practice schedules shortly. Registration is now open.


Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support.  We look forward to a very successful season and will update you with any new pertinent information as soon as it is available.  


HYFC Board of Directors

** RV Hurricanes Family **

Our football helmets are back and ready for action! Watch the link below to understand the process that we go through every single year, to ensure the safety of every player that takes the field!

We have been training our athletes to success providing safe, fun, competitive, and excellent
instruction to the youth of the RVRHS sending districts (as well as other local towns).


  • Incorporatig Xeinth Helmets into inventory this year as part of our purchase new helmets every 2 years plan.



  • Purchased 130 new helmets in 2017


  • All helmets are tested and reconditioned every 2 years and will all be done for the 2019 season.


  • 92% of our helmets will be 2 years old or newer for the 2019 season.


  • Purchase some new shoulder pads yearly to keep them up to date.


  • All coaches finger printed and background checked through NJ State Police Volunteer Review Operation every 2 years.


  • All coaches are heads up certified through USA football.


  • If enough kids Varsity and JV teams with separate game schedules. This allows the kids to play with kids at the same skill level.


Hurricanes Youth Football Club Inc., P.O. Box 172
Lumberton, New Jersey 08048

Email: [email protected]

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