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Our football helmets are back and ready for action! Watch the link below to understand the process that we go through every single year, to ensure the safety of every player that takes the field!

We have been training our athletes to success providing safe, fun, competitive, and excellent
instruction to the youth of the RVRHS sending districts (as well as other local towns).


  • Incorporatig Xeinth Helmets into inventory this year as part of our purchase new helmets every 2 years plan.



  • Purchased 130 new helmets in 2017


  • All helmets are tested and reconditioned every 2 years and will all be done for the 2019 season.


  • 92% of our helmets will be 2 years old or newer for the 2019 season.


  • Purchase some new shoulder pads yearly to keep them up to date.


  • All coaches finger printed and background checked through NJ State Police Volunteer Review Operation every 2 years.


  • All coaches are heads up certified through USA football.


  • If enough kids Varsity and JV teams with separate game schedules. This allows the kids to play with kids at the same skill level.

Field Status

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RV Hurricanes Game Field @ RVRHS (02:33 PM | 08/07/19)

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Hurricanes Practice Fields (02:33 PM | 08/07/19)